Types of Tents That You Can Use for Different Events

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Planning an outdoor event at your home can be a wonderful as well as a stressful experience at the same time. You always feel that you need to put your heart and soul to make the perfect atmosphere for the event that would make it agrand success. However, there are some things that you cannot control, like nature. You can have sudden rainfall or a thunderstorm that could completely destroy the efforts you have put in to make your event successful.

Having a tent set up at the place you’re having the event can be a good option to make sure all your efforts don’t wash away. There are different kinds of tents that can serve different purposes and can save your event from nature’s tantrums. You can find various types of tents that are made from different materials and have different sizes that you can choose from.

Here are some of the types of tents that you can use for different events:

Canopy tents

These tents are the ideal for events, like carnivals, flea markets, gatherings, and many more. The canopy tents are not aesthetically pleasing but they can be very useful protecting the guests from bright sunlight and light rain. These tents can be fully covered or partially covered only the top. Canopy tents can be very light and portable, but these tents can’t be used in heavy wind or rainy conditions.

You can use the smaller canopies for the backyard parties since they are economical and sturdy enough to protect your guests from the sun and the rain. The other advantage of these tents is that they can be easily installed and require no professional help for setting the tent up.

Pole tents

These tents are the most used by the retail industry and they can be used in all types of conditions and occasions. They have high peaks and come in various sizes due to which they are generally used for large events, like weddings, fundraisers, corporate functions, and others. These tents can even be decorated with fabric and pole skirts that make the tents look glorious.

However, the disadvantage with these tents is that they are difficult to install and require professional help to install the tent and there are poles inside the tent that can act as an obstruction for the guests. But if you’re having a large event then pole tents are the best to opt for.

Sailcloth tents

These tents are made from translucent materials that can enhance the daytime events by providing warm natural lighting conditions, and can also glow brightly in the evening gatherings. The sailcloth tents are completely waterproof and are sturdy enough to make sure that your special event stays safe from the elements of nature. These tents are gaining popularity and more and more people are starting to use these tents for different events.

Pop-up canopy tents

These are lightweight, small and foldable canopy tents that can be used for small events. They can be used to cover the tables used in the event and you need one tent for a table. It provides shelter from light rain and sunlight and is very easy to install. You can install the tent completely within no time and can remove it as well when not required.