Fix Me Stick – A bestvirus rescue solution

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Antivirus, a security from malware is a must for any computers, ranging from a country’s defence computers to a basic computer of a kid.  A typical anti-virus program scans only what is active. What we need is more than a typical antivirus as some malware can go past antivirus software. One of such products is FixMeStick, virus removal device, a niche in its type.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that FixMeStick is best antivirus ever because of its special features like running on its own operating system, no need for software installation or download, multi scanning with three antivirus engines and soon.Let’s go through fix me sticks review to know why it’s a best virus rescue solution.

Fix Me Stick – Virus removal process

The FixMeStick removes the virus by cleaning infections software programs. Even though we use antivirus regularly, some malware will go past the antivirus software.Fix Me Stick scans everything on your hard drive without using the infected operating system. It is able to do this with its own operating system.

fix me sticks review

One cannot remove a malware from an infected computer by running some software on that infected PC. If once virus enters your computer, it is very difficult to remove it when your computer is on. It is because the virus will trick the program that tries to remove it. The malware already present on the computermay stop or blocks the antivirus from cleaning it.What made FixMeStick top in the race is its special feature of working on its own operating system separately while all other programs and infections are not running. As the virus program is not running, so it cannot interfere with FixMeStickscanning. Thus Fix Me Stick finds and removes itthe malware from the system.

Fix Me Stick – Built in Multi Scanner

FixMeStick has a built-in multi-scanner which runs with three world’s best antivirus engines. As there are many malware and viruses are being developed daily, any single antivirus company cannot remove all of them. As FixMeStick contains three antivirus engines, hardly any virus can slip through.


FixMeStick has many advantages over other antivirus software but has its downside too. While cleaning virus some essential Windows files may wipe out. In some fix me sticks review, dissatisfaction is expressed in this regard. Also,it does not provide any real time protection against new malware. It is not successful in cleaning malware traces in the Registry.

But cleaning virus attacked computers with an external bootable device, like the FixMeStick, is highly recommended.