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The Ultimate New Home Checklist

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All the days and weeks leading up to the purchase of your new home are extremely exhausting and stressful. But after signing those 500-odd forms and seeing the actual closing happen, the real fun begins. With the new home come new responsibilities and new tasks, which you will need to finish in order to feel completely and truly at home.

Therefore, here is a checklist made especially for you to get all those tasks done and dusted after all.

Take a few days off

With all the stress that you must have gone through while the buying process of the new home was on, it is imperative that you take a few days off from work and relax at home. You will also need these days to get settled in the new home, and catch up on all the shopping you will need to do for the same.

Get repairs/improvements done before fully moving in

It is always easier to get repairs and improvement work done in an unfurnished house than otherwise. Therefore, check for repairs in your home before settling in and see to it that you mark off all the repairs and improvements off your list. This way, you’ll find it easier to move in, with peace and quiet.

Change your address and set up utilities

Visit the post office and let them know of your change in address, so that they can forward any mail that was meant for your all address, and also remember to send you any future mails in the new address only. Do the same for your bank accounts, memberships and subscriptions, insurances, etc. Also, set up your gas and electricity connections, asking your company to move your account from the old house to the new one.

Do the cleaning (or book one)

A new house is never spick and span, and always in the need for some cleaning due to all the repairs and improvements that you might have done to it. Therefore, grab a broom and mop and get to cleaning, but if you’re feeling too lazy, call a cleaning service to help you with the dirty work.

Change locks

Once you get the keys to your new home, the first and foremost thing you should do is change the lock for the door. A lot of people may have the door key before you, and changing the door lock is a smart way of ensuring your and your house’s safety.

Find your shut-off valves

Check out all the valves there are in the house, and find out which ones are responsible for shutting off a particular appliance. So, locate your gas, water, and electricity shut-off valves and make sure that you remember each of their locations in case there is an emergency.

Visit IKEA

Ensure that you first browse the IKEA catalog before actually showing up at the store to buy all the utilities you need. Disclaimer: do not visit the store on a Sunday!

The last item that you should cross out from your checklist is throwing a housewarming party, because not only your loved ones, but YOU deserve that one evening of fun and frolic!