Enhance your Photos in a Snap!

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Do you love the look of post-processed photos but hate the process of editing them? Maybe you want that post-processed look but aren’t quite ready to make the investment in the software. Adjusting images in Photoshop and Lightroom can eat up a lot of time, and neither software is cheap. To lessen the hassle of learning a whole new program just to do touch ups automatic photo enhancer are here at your disposal.

Photolemur bridges the gap between what we see with our eyes and what is captured by the camera. It makes the pictures look more natural, just like what you saw when the photo was took.

AI Technology

The core of the program is a self-learning algorithm that analyzes your photo in a split second. After analyzing what is inside your photo like faces, colors and objects, it attempts to correct aspects of the photo typically done by humans during post processing.

The app has learnt what certain aspects of images should look like and this is what allows it to enhance photos. It can process millions of pixels per second and all without any technical input from the user. Images look sharper with foliage and skin looking brighter.

There’s no manual work involved except uploading and exporting the photos. Photolemur examines each individual photo and performs appropriate fixes for each one based on various factors. The app considers elements like:

  • It has color recovery which ensures real-life colors on results.
  • Automatically adjusts exposure and blooms up darker angles on pictures.
  • Keeps “haze” of photos from appearing – making photos real as ever!
  • Corrects the picture’s natural light with the present time it is taken.
  • Foliage the best since it will maintain natural beauty of objects.
  • It reduces unwanted movements from slow shutter.
  • “Perfects” face blemishes and any imperfections as detected.
  • JPG crispness is corrected when turned to JPEG images.
  • Fixes photos in RAW without the usage of any editing software.
  • Can analyze photos and can adjust off-kilter for backgrounds.

Photolemur is not like your usual photo editor apps that contain a set of standard filters. These filters apply the same set of exposure adjustment, saturation, contrast and temperature to all images. Photolemur on the other hand identifies the elements in each individual photo, differentiates portraits from landscapes or macro, and then applies an appropriate preset.