Reasons your cat is overweight

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One of the main ways to maintain the health of your cat is by maintaining its normal weight. Obese cats tend to be less active and it can have adverse effects on their health. Also, if your cat is overweight, then there can be several health issues which if ignored can be harmful for the pet. Hence, find the reasons your cat is turning obese and try to find solutions for the same to ensure that your Cats are on Top of their health all the time!

Cats become overweight for many reasons

One, you may be the reason your cat is overweight and this is because, you may be feeding your cat too much. Find out the feeding pattern you need to follow for your cat and the amount of food required each day and also the kind of food you should be allowing. Changing unhealthy food patterns can reduce obesity in cats.

If you have not spayed your cat and it is putting on weight, chances are that she is pregnant. In that case, take her to the vet to confirm pregnancy. But if it is a neutered cat, then there may be due to health issues that she is gaining weight. In both cases, a vet needs to be consulted.

One of the common reasons found to be the cause behind cat obesity is health and liver problems which may lead to fluid retention. Another reason is hypothyroidism due to which metabolism happens at a slow rate. Cats are on Top list when it comes to chances of thyroid problems. This leads to accumulation of energy in the body leading to excess weight. In such a case, the pet may be eating normally but yet may gain weight. There are also other health problems that may be contributing to weight gain in your pet. Only a detailed medical examination can detect the exact cause.

Pets which tend to be administered prescription drugs for a long time also tend to gain weight. In such a case, your vet can advise you on what needs to be done.

Your cat needs to be more active and if you are just lying on your sofa watching TV all the day with your pet beside you, then you are also contributing to its obesity. You should as a pet owner devise ways to ensure that your cat is active.

There are not many things that you need to do to ensure good health of your cat. But if you want a pet, then it is your duty to ensure that it is healthy. Obesity is one thing that you can help prevent in your cat by finding the reason for the same and then finding solutions so that your cat does not gain weight and that it remains active and healthy. Many a times, obesity in your pet is a way of telling you that it needs urgent medical attention. So, never neglect any slight changes in your cat and consult a vet immediately for the right diagnosis.