Pet, Man’s Best Friend for Mind and Body

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Any pet believes in living at the present moment. The pet is called the man’s best friend so let us see how and why? You would be surprised to learn that your pet keeps you very healthy from now and forever.  During the past 25 years, scientists have observed the health benefits provided by your pet. We have discussed a number of them:

Pet takes you outdoors:

Your pet dog walks with you to the open space where you walk or run. Sometimes you play with your dog. Your exercise and blood circulation is taken care of by your pet. Your physical activity burns your cholesterol and protects your heart and hardening of arteries. In addition, the fresh air reduces stress and improves mental health. On staying outdoors, skin makes Vitamin D required for healthy immune system and absorbing Calcium.

Pet, Man’s Best Friend for Mind and Body

Pet promotes social interaction

Your pet is the centre of conversation when you walk in public and amongst your friends. You make new friends because they admire your pet. Building a social network is vital for relationships. A Recent study shows a dog helps autistic children to bond with their peers. Researchers suggest any pet like rabbit or cat may suit some children better.

Pet fights allergies:

Doctors have observed infants or children living together with pet strengthen the immune system. This builds pet allergens and bacteria. Thus, the pet helps to fight allergies without the risk of asthma or eczema.

Pet relieves Stress

A pet especially a dog helps people to manage high-stress levels. Pet care is recommended for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Stressed out medical students and anxious children can also do with a pet. Playing with the dog increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are nerve transmitters that control the pleasurable and calming properties of the Central Nervous system.

Among aged people, there are Alzheimer’s patients but in homes, with pets, there is no one who has memory loss. Elderly people can walk a dog and get the required regular exercise. Caring for a cat is less stressful. Either pet provides companionship.  Pet owner having AIDS is most likely not to suffer from depression than those without any pets. The reason is because the pet owners are attached to their pets.

Pet reduces blood pressure and improve heart health

Pet owner takes the dog for a walk so he/she gets the required daily exercise and physical activity. Pet lowers obesity, lower blood pressure, less stress, and lower cholesterol levels. These have a positive impact on the heart.