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6 Awesome Tools That Can Make Your Keyword Searches Hassle-Free

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Keyword research is one of the most fundamental parts of content marketing. It’s a crucial tool, which could help you develop your marketing strategy and better your SEO efforts. Search engines, like Google, favor good content, but the traffic that your content gets depends on the keywords and phrases that are used in the content.

Content needs to have keywords that are popular and trending with people to attract good traffic. This is why there are a lot of keyword research tools available. This makes it possible to find information about the most popular keywords searched by people. However, most tools available today are confusing, complex, and  tasking. It’s recommended that you learn more about them before putting them to good use.

If you don’t want to get into a mess by using these different tools for keyword research, here are some free and paid tools to fit your keyword research needs:

WordStream Keyword Tool

This research tool makes use of a large database that enables you to filter your searches by niche. It has options that can identify keyword grouping, negative keywords, and keyword niches. The full and paid version deliver thousands of results for the searched keywords, and the top 100 keywords are available at no cost at all!


This tool with its user-friendly interface reveals the most popular keyword within a very short period of time. The tool shows you the most popular searches researched by people, and also gives you a multitude of suggestions for creating custom keywords. Wordtracker also helps you compute the amount of competition you might get for a specific keyword, and guess what? These services are free as well!

6 Awesome Tools That Can Make Your Keyword Searches Hassle-Free

SEO Book Keyword Tool

SEO Book offers search volumes by market for various search engines, like Yahoo, Google, and Bing, and relates them with the global search results. The tool makes an in-depth research for the keywords in Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Google Trends, Yahoo Suggest, and much more. It also provides links to vertical databases, like Google Blogsearch and Topix.


One of the most popular tools, MOZ, helps find the top 10 rankings for any keyword. Based on the pages that rank the keyword, it assigns a difficulty score. It provides near accurate values of the volume data for your keywords, and also provides you with competitive keyword analysis metrics. This not only helps you locate a keyword, it also helps you analyze the keywords most frequented by your competitors.

Advanced Web Ranking

This tool brings in data from Google AdWords, Google Trends, 7Search, Google Webmaster API, SEMRush, and Yahoo API to provide you the best keyword search at a place. The tool helps you identify the best keywords for your content, and also helps you find the best keywords that your competitors use.

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery

This tool helps you identify keywords that your potential customers are using, and provides you with a list of related keywords that you’re most likely to use. It also makes you aware of common spelling mistakes, and informs you about how your industry’s keywords are affected by recent search trends.

These are some of the tools which can make your keyword search accurate. Make sure you learn more about these tools and other available tools before using them.