Why You Should Start Working for Small Law Firms

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Most of the successful lawyers out there started as private practitioners or were employed by a small law firm. Unlike a well-established law firm, small law firms have very fewer lawyers, but take up varied cases. Working at a small law firm has its own advantages, and is a great way to boost your career.

Here are a few benefits of starting your career at a small law firm:

You get to work on wide-ranging cases.

Attorneys who generally work for small law firms deal with more engaging, wide ranging cases. It gives them the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of practice areas and try their hands at different cases. You get to learn a lot about your personal interest and analyze your law skills. This will guide you to when you want to achieve a high degree of specialization in a niche.

They offer a comfortable, flexible work schedule.

Small law firms don’t have any strict working rules or guidelines. You can be chilled out and enjoy working, until you finish your assignments on time. Attorneys in small law firms can have their own flexible work schedules because there would only be fewer all-hands-on-deck emergencies. You get to learn a lot about the practical law practices in small firms.

Why You Should Start Working for Small Law Firms

You can grow your clients and professional networks.

Small law firms generally have tie-ups and partnerships with many start-up business and other growing law firms. They let you practice on your own standards and this gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of clients and law professionals. This is a great way to grow your network and get to know many established professionals.

You get a hands-on experience.

You get to perform more practical and in-depth legal procedures and tasks while being a new attorney in a small law firm. When it comes to mega-firms, they have 100’s of employees to take care of different happenings in a case. But small law firms have only limited employees and you are the sole responsibility for all the activities in your case.

You can expect a faster growth in career.

Small law firms don’t usually hire attorneys for a longer duration. Their partnership with the lawyers will be shorter because there will only be fewer attorneys working under them. This is particularly advantageous if you’re looking for a faster career growth.

You’ll get good support from the firm.

You get to take part in the important decisions of the firm because employee hierarchies would be barely followed. Senior partners and professionals will be more willing to collaborate with you and share suggestions and options with you. It’s a great way to elevate your practical experience and get to know the insides of a law firm.

You can work in a relaxed environment.

Many of the large firms out there have a very conservative work environment. When it comes to small law firms you get to socialize with fellow attorneys and experts. In addition to building good networks, you also get to gain good friends. You get to know people on the first-name basis and it will boost your confidence and energy at work.